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  • How To Keep Your Babies Warm And Cozy All Winters

    As a general rule of thumb, try dressing up your baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing! Adding and then removing layers is the right approach. If you are somewhere outside, you should dress your baby up with a vest, body suit, jumper and a coat but do not over layer them because it will cause them to sweat which will make their clothes wet. Also, cover their hands with a warm pair of gloves and feet with the warmest socks and boots so their toes stay warm throughout. 
  • Adverse Effects of Technology on Children and How to Counter them

    According to research, kids spend more than 7 hours a day using screen media rather than being indulged in any physical or an outdoor activity which results in a lot of harmful effects on your child’s mental and physical health! So, if you’re one of those moms who has placed an electronic gadget in your child’s hand, then you must beware of its detrimental effects on your child’s health!